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Peter Van der Linde is the owner of Van der Linde Recycling.[1]

Materials Recovery Facility

In December 2008 van der Linde opened an $11 million Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) capable of recycling both construction and demolition debris, and household trash.[2]

RSWA lawsuits

In December 2007, the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority filed a lawsuit against Van der Linde after determining that 'in excess of a million dollars" in fees had not been paid to the RSWA for city and county trash the hauler had disposed of at an RSWA-sponsored BFI transfer station in Zion Crossroads.[2] The case was scheduled for Charlottesville federal court in June, 2010.[3] However, van der Linde agreed to pay a $600,000 settlement and the case was dropped.[4] A more complete description of the suit can be found in the RSWA article.

Van der Linde had previously sued the RWSA in 2006, a case that was dismissed.[2]


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