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Peoples National Bank,322 East Main Street, c. 1906
Peoples National Bank, ca. 1916
Peoples National Bank, ca. 1917
Peoples National Bank currency 1881
Peoples National Bank currency 1921

Known colloquially as "Peoples Bank" and officially as "The Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville" (also known as "Peoples National Bank of Central Virginia"), this downtown Charlottesville-based financial institution was founded in 1876 and later evolved into the Virginia National Bank.

The bank was organized in 1875 and granted National Charter No. 2594 in 1881. [1] [2]

1875 – 1935

The original bank stood at 322 East Main Street, on the south-west corner of East Main and 4th Street. In 1909, the ground floor façade was altered and the top story of the bank building removed after suffering damage from a fire in the nearby Charlottesville Hardware Store. In 1917, Peoples National Bank moved into a new building on the west end of this block (previously the Nations Bank building).[3]

Currency issue

Opening in 1881 as a national bank (assigned charter number 2594), The Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville stopped printing money in 1935. In its 55 year printing period, the bank printed $5,695,190 dollars worth of national currency. Considered a long operation period for a national bank, The Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville issued 10 different types and denominations of national currency.[4] [5]The Peoples National Bank of Charlottesville Virginia issued the following types of bills (this is not a complete list):

  • 1875 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1875 – $20 Twenty Dollar Bill
  • 1881 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1882 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1882 – $20 Twenty Dollar Bill
  • 1902 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1902 – $20 Twenty Dollar Bill
  • 1921 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1921 – $20 Twenty Dollar Bill
  • 1929 – $10 Ten Dollar Bill
  • 1929 – $20 Twenty Dollar Bill


The bank reported total assets of $23 million in 1951.[6]

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