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Patricia M. Wilthew

Patricia M. Wilthew worked as a teachers’ assistant at Jackson-Via Elementary School for ten years.[1]

A Celebration of Patricia Wilthew’s Life(1964-2010)

Mrs. Patricia Wilthew, respectfully and affectionately known as Ms. Patty at Jackson-Via School, died at her home in Welk Place on Friday, March 19, 2010. All four of her children, Joshua, Jeremy, Megan, and T. J. were Jackson-Via Jackrabbits and have attended Walker, Buford, and Charlottesville High School. Mrs. Wilthew worked as a teachers’ assistant at Jackson-Via for ten years.

Ms. Patty amazed other staff members by her ability to lead 2 and 3 classes of students to library, art, music, and PE, without having to stop and remind anyone about the expected behavior. Students behaved for Ms. Patty because she had the magic.

In Ms. Patty’s daily living she scripted a story of goodness. Her character measured more degrees of greatness than a protractor can measure. She loved life and shared her 45 years with family and everyone at Jackson-Via School. Like a rainbow, she was colorful and beautiful to the core.

During her three-year battle with cancer, Ms. Patty had the stamina and determination of a lion but was as gentle as a lamb in her relationship with students and adults at school. Everyone considered Ms. Patty a friend, colleague, sister, brother, or mom. Her life has been and will continue to be an amazing inspiration to those who knew her.

To continue to recognize and honor Ms. Patty’s service to the Jackson-Via educational community, her courageous impact on the lives of others, an end-of-year award is being set up to recognize a student who steps up from Jackson-Via each June. A picture of Ms. Patty, with a picture perfect smile, will hang in the school’s foyer. Later in April, we will plant a tree and establish a “resting bench” in front of the 2nd grade commons.[2]

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