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Olivia Patton was the campaign manager for Michael Payne’s (D) 2019 Charlottesville City Council campaign. Prior to Payne’s city council campaign, Patton was an intern on Nikuyah Walker’s (I) 2017 Charlottesville City Council campaign.

Political career

  • Campaign Manager, Michael Payne for Cville (September 2018 – Present)
  • Campaign Intern, Nikuyah Walker for Charlottesville City Council

Civic career

Committee assignments

Member, Charlottesville Commission on Human Rights (term expires November 1, 2021)


Content Marketing Enthusiast


  • Member, Camp Holiday Trails Program Committee
  • President, Charlottesville Astronomical Society (November 2016 – Present)

Scholastic education

Home town

Petersburg, Virginia


Charlottesville Astronomical Society

Work Experience


  • International Rescue Committee, January 2017 – Present
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, July 2017 – November 2017
  • Administrative Assistant, St Luke's Health Care Foundation DBA Soddo Christian Hospital, May 2014 – August 2014


Cavalier Daily

Articles [1]

  • Renowned philosopher berates Western 'Islamophobia'
Renowned philosopher Martha Nussbaum addressed a packed auditorium Friday afternoon, berating Western Islamophobia, a problem Nussbaum said continues to plague the country today.
  • Archaeologists unearth unrecorded graves near University cemetery
Archaeologists working to expand the University cemetery last week unearthed 30 previously unrecorded grave shafts at the site of the cemetery, the University announced Friday.
  • Virginia Health Commissioner resigns in protest
Virginia Health Commissioner Karen Remley abruptly resigned from her position Thursday citing the controversial abortion clinic regulations passed this year as her impetus. The Virginia Board of Health passed regulations in June that classify abortion clinics as hospitals, requiring them to abide by the same architectural standards.
  • Tech parents file legal appeal to try university president
The parents of two Virginia Tech students who died in the April 2007 shootings at the school are initiating legal action to take the university’s president, Charles Steger, to court. The parents filed an appeal Wednesday in the Virginia Supreme Court to release the bar on Steger that protected him from being tried as a separate entity from the state in a wrongful death lawsuit decided against the school in March. Steger’s attorneys contend that the case is not subject to appeal because the state has already been tried for the wrongful deaths of the two students, Erin Peterson and Julia Pryde.
  • Commonwealth favors Obama, Kaine
Growing liberal tendencies in Virginia mean the state may no longer be a toss-up in the upcoming presidential and senate elections, according to predictions in Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato’s most recent Crystal Ball report. “It’s a polarized era,” Center for Politics spokesperson Kyle Kondik said.
  • Exemptions affect school enrollment
A study released Tuesday by the University’s Law School Clinic showed that more than 7,000 students in Virginia were exempted from attending primary or secondary school on religious grounds last year. Virginia law requires a school board to excuse students who hold a religious belief that conflicts with the principle of classroom education.
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