October 3

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Significant events that happened (or will happen) on October 3.


  • 1825 – After many incidents of student disorder and drunkenness culminate in violent rioting on the Lawn, the entire faculty threatens to resign. The 82-year-old Jefferson summons all to the Rotunda. Confronting the failure of student self-rule and the threat to his dream of a university, he breaks into tears. Rioting students confess, some are expelled, and strict rules replace the former code of student self-government. Student mayhem is quelled, briefly. [1]
  • 1918 – Charlottesville Mayor E.G. Haden ordered public gatherings to be canceled to stop the spread of the influenza strain that was spreading around the world at the time. [2]
  • 1925Jefferson Theater reopens after a remodel [3]
  • 1933 – A referendum is held in Albemarle County and Charlottesville to determine local opinion on whether Prohibition should be repealed. The repeal vote won on a three to one margin. [4] [5]




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