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Colonel Nicholas Lewis (January 19, 1734 - December 8, 1808) was a landowner in Albemarle County and the uncle to famed explorer, Meriwether Lewis.[1]

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Lewis was an officer in the American Revolution, a County magistrate, a surveyor, and a Sheriff. In 1744, he inherited his grandfather Nicholas Meriwether's Charlottesville estate, "The Farm," which is now known as the Nicholas Lewis House. A close friend of Thomas Jefferson, Lewis was entrusted with keeping Jefferson's farms while he served as a minister to Paris.[2] Both men became stockholders in the recently-created Albemarle Furnace Company in 1771, with Lewis making an initial investment of £100 sterling. On April 21, 1779 Lewis signed the Albemarle County Declaration of Independence.

Lewis was married to Mary Walker, the oldest daughter of Dr. Thomas Walker.[3] In 1825, Lewis' daughter Molly Miller sold her portion of his estate to William Hunter Meriwether, who subsequently began developing the port of Pireus along the Rivanna River.


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