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New Hill Development Corporation
Key people Yolunda Harrell, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Formed in April 2018, New Hill Development Corporation (aka New Hill) is a non-profit corporation "whose aim is to expand and strengthen Charlottesville’s African American middle class by honoring the heritage of the once vibrant Vinegar Hill community. New Hill intends to accomplish its mission by improving access to affordable housing, expanding financial literacy, and supporting economic, educational, and cultural development programs." [1]

Their Starr Hill small area plan was presented to Charlottesville City Council at their meeting on November 4, 2019. [2] The plans calls for a mixed-use redevelopment of the site.

The Charlottesville Planning Commission will be briefed on what is now known as a "Community Vision Plan" at their meeting on August 11, 2020. [3]

Starr Hill Vision Plan, June 2020


On November 5, 2018, at the regular Monday city council meeting, New Hill, received a $500,000 allocation from the City Council (a third of the Council Reserve Fund for Racial Equity and Engagement) to support the start-up's plans to work with two national organizations, Operation HOPE and the Local Initiatives Support Corp., to create the financial training program and the small area plan, respectively. At the meeting, New Hill CEO Yolunda Harrell, noted that the non-profit company plans to use the funds to conduct financial training programs and draft a small area plan for Charlottesville’s Starr Hill neighborhood, which is bordered by the railroad tracks, Preston Avenue, West Main Street and Ridge-McIntire Road. The small area plan is intended to create strategies for improving the lives of residents of the neighborhood and creating job and housing opportunities in the area. [1]

On November 5, 2018, at the regular Monday city council meeting, The Charlottesville City Council (2018-2019) voted 4-1 in favor of New Hill’s request of $500,000 in funding from the Council Reserve Fund for Racial Equity and Engagement. New Hill had originally approached Councilormembers Bellamy and Kathy Galvin with the funding allocation request. Mayor Nikuyah Walker cast the dissenting vote. According to media publications, City Council member Bellamy, a founding board member of New Hill, stated that he had stepped off the board of the company. [4]

According to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) [5], the New Hill Development Corporation was formed on April 2, 2018. P.J. Harris, Secretary

Founding members

  1. Quinton Harrell
  2. Yolunda Harrell,
  3. Wesley Bellamy
  4. Melvin Burruss
  5. Paul C. Harris, Jr.
  6. John Kluge
  7. Hunter Smith
  8. Glenn Rust

Current Directors and Principal Officers

(as of November 5, 2019)[6]

  1. Anne Brown, Director (replaced Wesley Bellamy on November 5, 2019)
  2. Melvin Burruss, Officer
  3. Cheis Garrus, Director (replaced Quinton Harrell)
  4. Yolunda Harrell, Director
  5. Hunter Smith, Officer/Director (Treasurer)
  6. Shelley Murphy, Director (replaced Paul C. Harris, Jr. on November 5, 2019)

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