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Neighborhood 2 is a Designated Growth Area and the second largest of the Northern Development Areas, consisting of 2,981 acres generally located to the east of US 29.


The meandering Rivanna River forms the eastern and northern borders of the neighborhood, with the City of Charlottesville serving as the southern border.

Residential neighborhoods

The draft Places29 Master Plan describes Neighborhood 2 as "predominantly residential" with several single-family neighborhoods[1].

Future development

A small strip of gas stations and other commercial properties along Rio Road is known as Gasoline Alley, and is considered to be a future neighborhood center under the Places29 Master Plan.


There are two major roads in Neighborhood 2: US 29 and Rio Road East. The Meadowcreek Parkway, under construction, as of 2011, will provide an additional north-south corridor for cars, bikes and pedestrians.

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  1. Places 29: A Master Plan for the Northern Development Areas. 2009 DRAFT. Albemarle County. Department of Community Development. Page 3-2.

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