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Early logo of the group from 2000

NatureSpirit is a worship group focused on nature and the environment active in local environmental issues and advocacy for diversity and religious freedom. NatureSpirit was founded in 2000 with the name Piedmont Area Nature Spirit Alliance, sponsored by Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church.


NatureSpirit played a key role in the creation of Charlottesville Earth Week. Members of the group continue to play a very active role in advocating for local environmental issues.

Although members share some common theological ideas, in many ways the group is more similar to other area interfaith groups in that it contains people that practice a diversity of different religions. The uniting principle of the group is a commitment towards environmentalism from a spiritual perspective.


NatureSpirit challenged the Albemarle County Public Schools' backpack flyer program, which, because of a lawsuit by Jerry Falwell's Liberty Counsel, was sending religious materials home in students' backpacks[1].


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