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West 2nd was a planned 10-story mixed-use built proposed for the Water Street parking lot currently owned by the City of Charlottesville. Originally known as Market Plaza, the project was being developed by Keith Woodard. [1] [2]

Although an original site plan was approved, in February 2018 City Council rejected a special use permit that would have allowed higher density and height in the project. [3] [4] [5] A following revote on April 2, 2018 passed 4-1 requiring Woodard to build 16 "affordable" units on Harris Street. [6] [7] [8]

In late August 2018 following a rejected vote from the Board of Architectural Review Woodard announced he would abandon the project. His attorney David Pettit filed an appeal of the BAR's decision. [9] Although Woodard has not expressed interest in continuing the project, technically the original approved final site plan does not expire until 2022. [10]

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Original concept


The project was one of four proposals submitted to the City of Charlottesville after City Council asked for private solutions for both a permanent home for the City Market and a redevelopment project to add to downtown building stock. The original proposal for what was then known as Market Plaza was to have featured 68 residential units, 55,000 square feet of office space and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The original design was created by the firm of architect Gregory Powe.

The city market was to have operated in an open-air plaza for as many as two days a week in the south-west quadrant. The plaza was also to have been rented by the city for those days and will be managed by the developer for the rest. The developer can hold its own events in the space, but for no more than half of the year. [11]

Construction updates

The project had 23 out of 68 units reserved As of October 23, 2016 and need half in order to receive financing according to a statement made by NDS Director Alexander Ikefuna at the October 20, 2016 PACC-Tech meeting.

The city of Charlottesville worked with the developers on a $2 million plus project to remove overhead lines and place them underground.

The project required extensive review with the city. By January 2017 the project had gone through five site plan reviews. [12]

Conceptual changes

In 2017, Woodard cited increased construction costs as a reason to amend the special use permit. He sought to increase the number of residential units to at least 97 units. The firm R2L:Architects was hired to replace Powe. [13]

Council voted 2-3 on a motion to approve the permit on February 5, 2018. [3]


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