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Cvillepedia is a wiki dedicated to sharing and building community knowledge and history about the people, places, and events in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. It is built with the same software as Wikipedia and is a free, public, collaborative encyclopedia that anyone can edit and improve. Cvillepedia is a volunteer run project with hosting provided by Charlottesville Tomorrow.

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Popular Articles

The Revenue Sharing Agreement refers to a 1982 legal agreement between the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County that prohibits annexation efforts by the city in exchange for a share of the county's revenue. In FY2016 Albemarle paid $15,767,084 to the City of Charlottesville.
The Dewberry Hotel is a partially constructed building on the Downtown Mall, proposed as a nine-story, 100-room luxury hotel. The idea was to build a $30 million, nine-story luxury boutique hotel. Construction was abandoned in January 2009. The Charlottesville City Council directed staff in January 2016 to pursue legal action to either force construction or to force public acquisition through eminent domain.
Fifeville is a city-designated neighborhood in southwest Charlottesville. The neighborhood contains Tonsler Park, Forest Hills Park, and Fifeville Park, as well as Buford Middle School and the Smith Aquatic Center. Parts of the neighborhood are part of the Fifeville-Castle Hill Historic District.
Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review.png
The Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review (BAR) is a nine-member citizen board appointed by City Council that is responsible for protecting individually designated historic properties and properties within Architectural Design Control districts and Historic Conservation Districts within the city.