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The Long Range Planning Advisory Committee informs and advises Albemarle County Public Schools' superintendent and school board on facilities needs[1].

In 2016, the group's report focused on four key area: Elementary school capacity in the urban ring; state of existing learning spaces; high school capacity; future needs on the horizon.

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  • Tammie Moses, Jack Jouett Representative
  • Andrea Mejia, Rio Representative
  • Daniel Steeper, Rivanna Representative
  • JR Washington, Samuel Miller Representative
  • Hal Hart, Scottsville Representative
  • CJ Hatcher, White Hall Representative
  • Daisy Rojas, At‐Large Representative
  • Jon Stokes, Superintendent Appointee
  • Jim Tierney, Superintendent Appointee
  • Randall Switz, Superintendent Appointee
  • William Coles, Superintendent’s Equity and Diversity Appointee


  • Rosalyn Schmitt, Assistant Director of Facilities Planning
  • Dean Tistadt, Chief Operating Officer
  • Joe Letteri, Director of Building Services
  • George Shifflett, Deputy Director of Building Services
  • Renee DeVall, Transportation Analyst
  • Jamie Gellner, Assistant Director of Transportation
  • Montie Breeden, Senior Project Manager, Facilities & Environmental Services
  • Patrick McLaughlin, Strategic Planning Officer


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