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The Local Food Hub is a non-profit wholesale-food-distribution hub created in 2009 to provide food from local farms to area stores, restaurants, and other food-service facilities. [1]

Additionally, the Local Food Hub matches consumers with producers. The group also works with area schools to educate students about the benefits of locally-produced food. [2]

An official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture visited the food hub in April 2016. [3]


Initial funding was provided by the Nelson County Economic Development Authority, the Piedmont Environmental Council, Coran Capshaw, John Grisham (Oakwood Foundation), Bama Works Fund, and the Blue Moon Fund. [4]

In February 2009, the Albemarle Board of Supervisors declined a request for Economic Opportunity Funds. [5]

Community Food Awards


  • Partner Producer of the Year: Malcolms Market Garden of Augusta County
  • Pioneer in the Field: Schuyler Greens Company of Albemarle County
  • Rookie of the Year: Church Hill Produce of Highland County
  • Retail Leader: Integral Yoga Natural Foods of Charlottesville
  • Institutional Leader: James Madison University Dining of Harrisonburg
  • Local Business, Community Impact: Seven Hills Food Company
  • Trailblazer: Misfit Juicery of Washington, D.C.
  • Healthy Community Leader: University Of Virginia Health System, Including Uva Medical Center, Bewell, And Morrison Healthcare
  • Innovation In Agriculture:
    • First place and $1,000 awarded to Phantom Hill Farm of Louisa County for their capillary sand bed watering system, an automated watering system and microgreen bed that reduces human labor needs and increases efficiency.
    • Second place and $500 awarded to Sunnyfield Farm of Rockingham County for their bin hauler, a tool that decreases the amount of time needed to harvest, wash, and move crops, and reduces human labor needs while increasing efficiency. [6]


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