List of members of Charlottesville City Council from 1928 to present

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From 1922 to 1928 the "Modified Commission Form" of city municipal government consisting of three council members. In 1928 an amendment to the city charger was granted. The city council created under that charter amendment consists of five members.[1] There were five open seats for City Council in 1928;

Since 1928, the City of Charlottesville has been governed by a five member City Council elected at-large to designated seats on a non-partisan basis. The Council Members are elected for four-year terms. The Council members seats designated A, B and C are elected in one year, the Council members in the seats designated D and E are elected two years later. Subsequently, there is a year without a council election. The City Council appoints the City Manager.

Session Election Council Members City Manager
1st (1928-1930) 1928 Fred L. Watson Jury Y. Brown E. A. Joachim John R. Morris Fred W. Twyman [‡] H. A. Yancey
2nd (1930-1932) 1930 W. Dan Haden
Seth Burnley
3rd (1932-1934) 1932 Shelton S. Fife George T. Huff Sam Jessup
4th (1934-1936) 1934
5th (1936-1938) 1936 J. Emmett Gleason
6th (1938-1940) 1938 F. Bradley Peyton Jr [a]
7th (1940-1942) 1940 Charles P. Nash Jr [b]
8th (1942-1944) 1942 Roscoe S. Adams Sam A. Morris
Fred L. Watson [c]
9th (1944-1946) 1944 W. S. Hildreth [d]
Charles Nash [e]
10th (1946-1948) 1946 Gus K. Tebell
11th (1948-1950) 1948 Strother F. Hamm Henry A. Haden James Barr [f] James E. Bowen
12th (1950-1952) 1950 William R. Hill [h]
13th (1952-1954) 1952 R. M. Davis S. Dexter Forbes Sol B. Weinberg [g]
14th (1954-1956) 1954 Thomas J. Michie [j]
15th (1956-1958) 1956 A. Clayton Coleman
Louis L. Scribner [i]
16th (1958-1960) 1958
17th (1960-1962) 1960 Bernard J. Haggerty Lindsey B. Mount Robert E. Lee
J. Robert Ponton [k]
18th (1962-1964) 1962
19th (1964-1966) 1964 Burkett A. Reynolds
20th (1966-1968) 1966 Robert S. Johnson [l] "Dutch" Vogt
Bill Rinehart [m] [*]
21th (1968-1970) 1968 Joseph W. Wright Jr Kenneth E. Davis Mitch Van Yahres
22th (1970-1972) 1970 Francis H. Fife [**] Charles Barbour
23th (1972-1974) 1972 George Gilliam Jill Rinehart [*]
24th (1974-1976) 1974
25th (1976-1978) 1976 Laurence Brunton Ed Gatewood Nancy K. O'Brien [**]
26th (1978-1980) 1978 Frank Buck Thomas E. Albro
27th (1980-1982) 1980 Elizabeth Gleason John Conover E. G. Hall
28th (1982-1984) 1982 Mary Alice Gunter
29th (1984-1986) 1984 Lindsay Barnes
30th (1986-1988) 1986 Darden Towe
31th (1988-1990) 1988 "Bitsy" Waters Alvin Edwards Tom Vandever
32th (1990-1992) 1990 Kay Slaughter David Toscano
33th (1992-1994) 1992 Virginia Daugherty
34th (1994-1996) 1994
Gary O'Connell
35th (1996-1998) 1996 Maurice Cox Meredith Richards
36th (1998-2000) 1998 Blake Caravati
37th (2000-2002) 2000 Kevin Lynch
38th (2002-2004) 2002 Rob Schilling
39th (2004-2006) 2004 Kendra Hamilton David Brown
40th (2006-2008) 2006 Dave Norris Julian Taliaferro
41th (2008-2009) 2007 Satyendra Huja Holly Edwards
42th (2010-2011) 2009 Kristin Szakos Maurice Jones
43th (2012-2013) 2011 Kathy Galvin “Dede” Smith
44th (2014-2015) 2013 Bob Fenwick
45th (2016-2017) 2015 Wes Bellamy Mike Signer
46th (2018-2019) 2017 Nikuyah Walker Heather Hill Mike Murphy
47th (2020-2021) 2019 Sena Magill Lloyd Snook Michael Payne Tarron Richardson > John Blair > Chip Boyles > TBD
48th (2022-2023) 2021 Juandiego Wade Brian Pinkston
48th (2024-2025) 2023
Session Election Council Members City Manager

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