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Linwood Hughes Warwick (1889-1987) was a geologist and lifelong Charlottesville resident.

Warwick graduated from Charlottesville High School in 1908,[1] and studied at the University of Virginia for at least 15 years.[2] Warwick worked with the Virginia Geological Survey for most of his adult life, from the year he graduated high school until his death in 1987.[3] He made his most significant contributions to the survey between 1946 and 1979.[4] In 1939, Warwick was one of the founding members of the Thomas Jefferson Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution.[4][5] The organization continues to inform the community about the history and values of the American Revolution.

Frances Brand portrait

Warwick is one of several people commemorated by the late 20th-century artist Frances Brand as part of her Firsts series.[6]

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