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Light House Studio is a nonprofit filmmaking center dedicated to helping students develop their vision and show their work. It focuses on fostering the importance of collaboration and community, the creativity of young minds, and the lasting benefits of our mentor-based approach to teaching the art of filmmaking.

Founded in 1999, Light House Studio is moving into new headquarters at the old Vinegar Hill Theater. They were previously located on E Water Street and shares the same building as Live Arts and Second Street Gallery. [1]


Light House Studio was founded in 1999 by a group of local filmmakers, artists, and educators who began with a small pilot workshop, “Video Diary”. Since then we have helped youth create hundreds of documentary, drama, and animated films. The studio's student work has been broadcast on PBS, CNN, IFC (Independent Film Channel), and Public Access Television. Work has been exhibited at the University of Virginia Art Museum, Vinegar Hill Theater, Second Street Gallery, and Live Arts, among others. Light House films have been shown in festivals all over the United States. Several of our students have received national awards for their films, including a Peabody Award, a Gold World Medal at the New York International TV and Film Festival and a Golden Cine Eagle Award.

Light House Studio collaborated with many local nonprofits, including The International Rescue Committee; Children Youth and Family Services; Boys and Girls Club; The Music Resource Center; Live Arts; Second Street Gallery; The Virginia Film Festival; Public Housing Association of Residents; UNICEF’s Tap Project; Central Virginia Burn Camp; Big Brothers Big Sisters; the Shanandoah National Park Trust; as well as Ivy Creek School, Tandem Friends School, the Community Homeschool Enrichment Center, St. Anne’s-Belfield, and Walker Scholars. Light House is a member of Piedmont Council for the Arts, Virginians for the Arts, the Virginia Production Alliance, Listen Up Youth Media Network, The Center for Nonprofit Excellence and NAMAC.

Light House Studio provides uncensored, mentored workshops in digital filmmaking; a screening room; a DVD, VHS and book library; and exhibition opportunities to young people, enabling them to learn, by hand, the pervasive language of motion pictures and sound. We challenge our students to be active participants in the media, and not simply passive recipients of the millions of images they see everyday.[1]


Deanna Gould serves as Light House Studio's current Executive Director. Rebekah Brooks serves as the organization's Program Coordinator and Jason Robinson serves as Lead Mentor.[2]

Notable Films and Awards

Light House Studio student work has screened at numerous film festivals and competitions since the studio was founded.

Recent recognized films include Teddy, which was featured at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth, won the Gold World Film Award at the New York International Festivals Television, and was screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival Future Filmmakers Showcase along with the films Game Knight, Downlow and The Balloonist. Teddy and The Balloonist were also featured at the CineYouth Chicago International Film Festival alongside Light House Studio films Minor Setback and Tron (Sweded). The film Bag-Man placed second in "A Bag's Life" National High School Video Competition. Student work has also been featured locally at the Virginia Film Festival, University of Virginia Student Film Festival and the Waynesboro Short Film Festival.[3]

Light House Studio students also won the 2011 Adrenaline Film Project competition, a component of the Virginia Film Festival.[4]



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