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Land use taxation is a policy in Albemarle County that allows landowners to claim a lower property tax rate for land used for agriculture, open space and forestry.


In late 2008, the County amended the policy to require property owners to revalidate their property on a regular basis.[1]

The deadline for 2009 revalidation filings was September 1. After that, landowners paid a $125 late fee with their revalidation form. If they had not filed by December 5, 2009, their land was removed from the plan and subject to roll-back taxes.[2] The county received 85% of the filings by the September 1 deadline[3] and 98% of the filings were returned by the December 5 deadline. [4]

The result was a loss of 177 parcels of land and the collection of $955,000 worth of roll-back taxes. The county also received an increase in taxable land value of $46,254,500 and new real estate revenues of $343,208.[4]

The Real Estate Division began a field review process in June 2010 to ensure that the parcels in the program met qualifying standards. The goal is to review the remaining 4,800 parcels over the next two years.[4]

Each property owner will be given an opportunity to provide documentation of a qualifying use before the property is removed from the land-use program and the owner is billed for roll-back taxes.[4]