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Keswick Hall is a hotel, resort, and country club in Keswick.

The resort has gained critical acclaim under several owners for its English style. It was also nominated to Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List of top hotels and resorts.[1]

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In 1912, Robert and Florence Crawford built Villa Crawford, which now is the centerpiece of Keswick Hall. A golf course was opened in 1949, not 1939 as has sometimes been said. The hall fell into disrepair, being called, by the 1980s, a "ruin" and "Charlottesville's pre-eminent haunted house."[2] It was then renovated to its current form by Sir Bernard Ashley in the 1990s. Guests have included Mick Jagger, Anthony Hopkins, and Margaret Thatcher.[2]

A comprehensive book, "The Story of Keswick Hall," was written by Patricia Castelli and published in 2011.[2]

Sale History

Ashley bought the property in 1990 for $5.5 million. He spent about $35 million to develop the property into the destination resort it is. However, the site has continued to lose money through operating expenses and Ashley sued two Coopers & Lybrand employees in 1995 for allegedly convincing him to buy the property, settling out of court in 1997 for an unknown sum.[1]

Ashley later sold Keswick Hall to vacation destination operator Orient Express, Inc in 1999 for $13.5 million. It in turn sold the property in 2012 to CCA Industries, which is based in Richmond, Va. and owned by William H. Goodwin Jr, for an undisclosed amount.[1]


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