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Julian N. King, Jr.

Julian King served as Principal at Johnson Elementary School from 1970 to 1986.

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Remembering Julian King[1]

Drawing of Julian King by Tim O'Kane. Photo by Nancy Lambert, Johnson Elementary School, February 2012.
Scott Hamrick, Photo of Julian King, Chuck Dempsey.
Remarks by Nancy Lambert at unveiling of Julian King pictures at Johnson School, 1986.
"But first I want you to understand that Mr. King was a man of deep faith. It was his religion that guided him like a compass - a North Star - in his everyday encounters. Mr. King's life was an example of his faith in action. He believed that you need to love life to understand life and you need to love what you do. He taught us to rejoice in our many gifts and talents and to give a helping hand to others. As our principal he showed us by example how to work hard, how to achieve, how to deal with setbacks and the dark times. He worked to instill within each child a sense of school pride and the belief that we come to school to learn. He also showed us that life can be filled with mirth, laughter, sheer joy and frequent silliness."[2]

Complete remarks by Kay Lancaster: File:Memories of Mr. King by Kay.pdf

Letter from William J. Bennett, Secretary of Education, 1986.

Charlottesville Daily Progress article, date unknown.
Julian King Scholars plaque at Johnson Elementary School, February 2012.
Proclamation in honor of Julian King.
The Educator, Front Cover, June 1986.
Holsapple album: Memories of Julian King.
Holsapple album: Julian King obituary.
Lambert collection: Article reporting Julian King's death, Daily Progress, 1986.


  1. Memorabilia assembled and curated by Nancy Lambert, former Instructional Coordinator, Johnson Elementary School, assisted by Carol Zimorski, and Ruth Kastenmayer. Thank you to Peggy Holsapple, former Instructional Assistant at Johnson School, for making her album available to us as we tell our story.
  2. Remarks by Kay Lancaster at Julian King Scholarship presentation at Johnson School.

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