Jon Cannon

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Jon Cannon
Jon Cannon

Electoral District Rio Magisterial District
Term Start 2006
Term End Jan. 2009
Succeeded by Don Franco

Biographical Information

Alma mater Williams, Penn Law
Profession Professor, UVA Law School

Jon Cannon is the University of Virginia's Blaine T. Phillips Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law and director of the law school’s Environmental and Land Use Law Program[1].


Cannon holds a bachelor’s degree from Williams College given in 1967 and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania from 1974[1].

Albemarle County Planning Commission

Cannon was the Rio District Commissioner on the Albemarle County Planning Commission from 2006 until he resigned in January 2009 to become a member of President Obama's transition team. Cannon took a leave of absence from The University for the spring 2009 semester for the same reason[2].

Environmental Protection Agency

In February 2009 the Obama administration announced that Cannon was selected to become Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency's #2 post[1]. Cannon withdrew his nomination in April after his membership on the board of directors for the America's Clean Water Foundation triggered scrutiny from the EPA's Inspector General[3]. Cannon had previously served as the general counsel of the EPA from 1995 to 1998 and held other posts at EPA prior[1].