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Jim Tolbert, former NDS director

Jim Tolbert is the former Director of the City's Department of Neighborhood Development Services. He left his position in February 2015 to take a position as assistant city manager of Sandy Springs, Georgia. [1]


Tolbert was born in Opelika, Alabama and moved to Columbus, Georgia, when he was 14.

He moved to Charlottesville in 1999 to become director of the NDS. Prior to that, he worked a similar position in Albany, Georgia. He was introduced to City Council on August 2, 1999. [2].

He and his wife, Anne, have two children. [3]

Tolbert got a Bachelor of Science in Community Planning and Development from Columbus College and picked up a Master of Community Planning from Auburn University. [1]

He is a fan of the band Widespread Panic. [citation needed]



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