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The Jefferson Cable Corporation was Charlottesville's first cable company, and the first in central Virginia.[1]


The Jefferson Cable Corporation was founded by Robert Monroe[1] in Charlottesville in 1963, offering customers 12 channels. At the time, it was the second 12-channel cable system in the United States. Local productions were produced at 324 West Main Street.[2] In 1975 Monroe sold the company to Mansfield Communications. After being passed then to Multi-Channel TV and then Adelphia Communications, production ended in 1990.[3]

In 1968, the service offered 10 television channels plus FM music. [4]

Programs Offered

Among the programs offered by the Jefferson Cable Corporation were:

  • Classroom Capers
  • Cable Contact
  • Community History with Bernard Chamberlain
  • Jeff Laigon Songbook
  • People, Places, Things
  • University Perspectives


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