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Jeffrey E. Fogel is a Charlottesville-based attorney, activist and frequent critic of Charlottesville City Council.

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Criticism of City Council

Shortly after being selected as mayor on January 4, 2016, Mike Signer became the target of activist Jeff Fogel who questioned how and why he had been chosen.

Former City Council candidate Paul Long questioned the amount of money raised by Signer for the election. Signer spent $51,305 in the general election compared to $28,632 spent by Wes Bellamy and $23,081 spent by Kathy Galvin. [1] Bellamy defended Signer. Fogel tried to respond but was ruled out of order. [2] [3]

Campaign for Commonwealth's Attorney

In 2017, Fogel ran for the Democratic nomination for Charlottesville's Commonwealth's Attorney.[4] He lost to Joseph D. Platania.

City’s code on soliciting (2013)

In 2013, a group of five panhandlers file a lawsuit against the city of Charlottesville over part of the city’s code on soliciting. Fogel represented the panhandlers along with fellow attorney Steven D. Rosenfield and attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia Foundation. Plaintiffs in the suit included Albert Clatterbuck, Christopher Martin, Earl McCraw, John Jordan and Michael Sloan.[5]

On February 18, 2015, U.S. District Judge Norman K. Moon ordered the city of Charlottesville to stop enforcing an ordinance that prohibits panhandling on parts of the Downtown Mall. In May, Judge Moon ordered the city to compensate the plaintiffs in the case, Albert Clatterbuck and Christopher Martin, for unspecified damages and to pay lawyers’ fees and expenses for the case, which has dragged on for nearly four years. According to Fogel, the bill "will be in the six figures".[6]


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