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The Hotel Albemarle is a three-story structure on West Main Street that is currently home to several businesses and non-profits. Formerly known as The Gleason Hotel, New Hotel Gleason and later The Albemarle Hotel.

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The structure was built in 1896 by Michael Gleason, a Nelson County native who became a major businessman in Charlottesville. [1] It was first built as a lodging facility called the Gleason Hotel. It was originally next to another structure built by Gleason.[2]

James Lightfoot was the head bellman for the Gleason Hotel. Photograph by Rufus W. Holsinger dated April 7, 1914.

The hotel was expanded to 87 rooms in 1915 and advertised as the New Gleason Hotel.[3] William Hurley worked at the hotel in the early 1900's.[4]

The hotel was sold twice in the early 20th century and became the Albemarle Hotel in 1933. It is now owned and managed by Stonehaus. Tenants include the Quest Bookshop.

Other hotels that at one time operated along West Main Street included Hotel Clermont, Cabell House, Dolly Madison Inn, and Queen Charlotte, all of which have since been demolished.


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′53″N 78°29′21″W / 38.031312°N 78.489215°W / 38.031312; -78.489215


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