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Heinz Kramp (1929-2019) was a disability rights activist who founded Innisfree Village.

Early Life

Kramp was born in Germany, and was a member of the German Olympic equestrian team in 1952. Before he could compete, he suffered a traumatic injury and could not participate. This near-death experience was deeply impactful.[1]

Impact in Charlottesville

After moving to the United States in 1959, Kramp founded both Innisfree Village in Crozet and Building a Bridge. Innisfree Village continues to provide a place to live and work for those with intellectual disabilities. And Building a Bridge is a nonprofit which placed people who had suffered brain injuries with surrogate families in the community. Both organizations emphasized and provided the support that comes with a community, and the importance of dignity for the disabled.[2]

Frances Brand portrait

Kramp is one of several people commemorated by the late 20th-century artist Frances Brand as part of her Firsts series.[3]

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