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Harris Farm is a late 18th century farm with a 19th century structure in Albemarle County that is listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register. It was listed on the VLR on March 19, 2015 and the National Register of Historic Places on May 18, 2015. [1]

Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Registry

"Harris Farm, in Albemarle County, traces back to a larger late 18th-century farm owned by Thomas Jefferson’s brother in law, Charles L. Lewis. The main residence—consisting of two I-houses situated back to back and constructed in different periods—is a good example of the development of the popular I-house form in central Virginia. Built around 1850, the original house is in a simple Greek Revival style; a Victorian-era I-house addition, constructed between 1898 and 1905, expanded the residence. The house also includes a rear ell addition. In 1898, Hilton Ashby Harris purchased the house and 300 acres, and the farm remained in the possession of the Harris family at the time of its listing. In 2011, Harris Farm was placed into the Virginia Outdoors Foundation conservation easement program."

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