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Front view of Grace Episcopal Church. Reproduced from Wikimedia.

Grace Episcopal Church is a colonial-era church located in Keswick, Virginia. It was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on February 17, 1976 and the National Register of Historic Places on October 21, 1976. [1]


Grace Episcopal Church was founded as early as the 1730s and consists of several churches that have been built on that particular site. The current church still has visible foundation stones from 1748, built by Francis Smith. The current church edifice was completed in 1855, although a fire in 1895 left only four walls, a tower, and a 1,575 pound bell, all of which were incorporated into the reconstruction of the wreckage. The church experienced various expansions, including a parish house in 1933 and a great room completed in 2002.[2]

Thomas Jefferson is believed to have been a member.[3] One of his physicians, Charles Everett, was buried in the church's cemetery after his death on October 4, 1848.

Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Registry

"The Grace Episcopal Church, Cismont is located in the Southwest Mountains Rural Historic District. This much-admired specimen of the earlier, more picturesque interpretation of the Gothic Revival is the only known Virginia work of William Strickland, a leading American architect of the first half of the 19th century. Strickland is better known for his monumental Greek Revival works such as the Tennessee Capitol; Grace Church, built ca. 1847, is a rare example of his Gothic style. The church was commissioned by Judith Walker Rives of nearby Castle Hill. Strickland’s original drawings are preserved at the University of Virginia. The original interior woodwork, executed by E. S. McSparren, an English master carpenter, was destroyed by fire in 1895. The church was soon rehabilitated with a new roof, new interior, and chancel addition. Its walls and tower remain essentially as designed and continue to serve an active congregation."

Farm tours

The church also offers annual tours of the eight historic farms in the Keswick area. [3] Money raised during the tour goes to local charities.


Grace Episcopal Church is located at 5607 Gordonsville Road.


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