Glass Haus Kitchen

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Glass Haus Kitchen
Type Restaurant
Genre Fine dining and local cuisine
Founded 2012
Founder JF Legault and Francois Bladt
Dissolved 2013
Headquarters Charlottesville
Industry Hospitality

The Glass Haus Kitchen was a restaurant on 2nd Street SE that closed in October 2013 after executive chef Ian Boden quit. The space was only open for a year and had received accolades from media outlets such as the Washington Post.

The building will continue to be used as an event space. It was also the home of the former X Lounge. [1]

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Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′33″N 78°28′52″W / 38.025766°N 78.481189°W / 38.025766; -78.481189


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