Fry’s Spring Historic District

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The Fry’s Spring Historic District, located in southwest Charlottesville, was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 19, 2014. It was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on September 18, 2014. [1]

Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Register

"Situated in the southwest portion of Charlottesville, the Fry’s Spring Historic District derives its name from the 18th- and 19th-century Fry family, landowners in the area and proprietors of the two abundant natural springs that carry the Fry family name. With its convenient access to the city’s center, the district emerged initially as a recreational, then later, a residential area. S. Price Maury purchased 170 acres of land in 1890 surrounding Fry’s Spring and created the Jefferson Park (later Fry’s Springs) Hotel and Land Improvement Company centered on the open space of Jefferson Park. In 1913 the hotel was demolished and during the 20th century the Fry’s Spring district’s rolling topography, winding streets, generous tree cover, and particularly its distinctive Jefferson Park Avenue corridor served by trolleys and electric street cars, made the area a notable landmark neighborhood for residents of Charlottesville. In 1920, the Jefferson Park property was purchased and developed as the Fry’s Spring Clubhouse, which boasted an enormous swimming pool and affiliated recreational structures in a park-like setting, making it a focus of the emerging neighborhood. At the time of its listing, the district contained 387 character-defining sites and buildings—including houses, recreational facilities, and churches—that contribute to the district’s look and feel."

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