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Frank P. Farish (November 4, 1853 – September 4, 1902) was a member of the City Council for two years and on the death of Chief of Police S. M. Keller, was elected to the vacancy and was twice re-elected. Chief Farrish served as Chief of the Charlottesville Police Department from 1898 until his death in office on September 4, 1902. He was succeeded by T. Alonzo Trice.


On March 10, 1898, from eleven applicants, Farris was elected chief by the city council to fill the unexpired term of the late Chief Spottswood M. Keller. Chief Farris was succeeded by T. Alonzo Trice - who was one of the eleven applicants for the position in 1898.

Franklin Pearce Farish died in Baltimore while attending a fishing trip with friends. He is buried in the family section of Maplewood Cemetery. He was 48 years of age.

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