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Fontaine Forest is the name of a proposed shopping center, hotel and office complex that would have been built on the site of the Fontaine Research Park. [1] The developer was Dr. Charles Hurt.

Public hearing

At the public hearing in January 1986, many nearby residents expressed concern that the development would bring the kind of commercial sprawl that had been built on U.S. 29 north of Charlottesville.

After the meeting during the discussion by supervisors, Supervisor Timothy Lindstrom said he felt this project would put an undue burden on the city of Charlottesville, given that Fontaine Avenue was a street and not a thoroughfare.

Supervisors voted 4-2 in favor of ZMA198500001 after midnight that evening.

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  • October 1985: Supervisors approve a Comprehensive Plan Amendment that changed the designation for a portion of the land for Commercial use
  • December 16, 1985: City Council pass resolution urging Board of Supervisors to deny the rezoning
  • January 15, 1985: University of Virginia official Raymond Haas sends letter to Board noting "this property is of a type that the University may have an interest in acquiring someday."


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