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Fluvanna County is on the southeastern border of Albemarle County.

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Regional participation

Fluvanna is a member of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District.

Fluvanna County experienced significant budget shortfalls for the 2013 fiscal year, resulting in complete cuts to funding for regional groups Jefferson Area Board for Aging, JAUNT, Offender Aid and Restoration and StreamWatch.[1]

Population growth

Fluvanna's population increased by 28 percent between 2000 and 2010 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. [2] The Weldon Cooper Center estimated the July 1, 2016 population at 26,133. [3]


The nonprofit Fluvanna Heritage Trail Foundation is working with the county to build a series of pathways across the community. In April 2017 the group announced plans to build a 2.5 mile trail near Lake Monticello called the Crofton Trail. [4]

Water supply

Fluvanna is seeking to expand its water supply by building a pipe from the James River. But people in the Point of Fork area are concerned it will affect a Revolutionary War battlefield and hurt their quality of life. County officials say they need to secure resources for the future. [5]


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