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The Farmington Country Club is a golf and country club located in Albemarle County, near Charlottesville's western border with the county.

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The club takes its name from the Farmington mansion on whose grounds and buildings the club is located.


The club came into being in the spring of 1927 when a group of Charlottesville and Albemarle County businessmen decided such a facility was needed in the community.

In June of that year, the estate of Warner Wood granted an option to the group to buy the Farmington estate.

In August, the State Corporation Commission issued a certificate of incorporation. [1]

By 1929, the first home sites were made available and the first structure to be completed belonged to James H. Lindsay, the publisher of the Daily Progress. [2]

First officers

  • John S. Graves, President
  • H.A. George, Vice President
  • Donald G. Stevens, Secretary
  • R.T. Minor Jr., Treasurer

The grounds and club were formally opened in May 1929[3].

Farmington long remained a segregated facility. A January, 1976 mail poll saw 64% of members oppose the admission of guests of any race, with 77% of members responding[4].

Golf course

The golf course was designed by Fred Findlay.


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