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Farmington Mansion in 1915

The estate of Farmington was patented in 1744 and had come into the ownership of Francis Jerdone by the time of the Revolutionary War. However, Jerdone was a British sympathizer and the property was confiscated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Eventually, Jerdone reclaimed the estate and sold it to George Divers in 1785.

The original structure was built in 1780, but Divers wanted an addition to be made. He asked his friend Thomas Jefferson to create a design. Jefferson came up with an octagonal shape. . Jefferson had been asked by his friend George Divers to create a structure for his estate[1].

In 1927, the land was purchased from the estate of Warner Wood by a group seeking to start a country club. It is now the home of Farmington Country Club.

Farmington was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on July 7, 1970 and the National Register of Historic Places on September 15, 1970. [2] [3]

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Narrative from Virginia Landmarks Registry

"Thomas Jefferson designed the elongated octagonal wing of this Albemarle County home for his friend George Divers. Dominated by a Tuscan portico and bull’s-eye windows, the wing was completed in 1802 following Jefferson’s drawings, preserved in the Massachusetts Historical Society. The original section, a typical late Georgian, side-passage dwelling, was probably erected ca. 1785 following Divers’s purchase of the property. In 1927 the house, along with its extensive service buildings and some 350 acres of farmland, was sold to Farmington, Inc., a development company that converted the property into a country club. The club remodeled the interior of the Jefferson section by removing partitions and floor levels installed in 1852-54 by Gen. Bernard Peyton, making the wing into a single grand reception room. Although the building has received extensive additions, the original portion preserves much of its historic flavor."

Ownership of Farmington

  • Estate was patented in 1744.
  • Francis Jerdone
  • George Divers (purchased in 1785[4])
  • Mrs. Isaac White]
  • John C. Carter
  • General Bernard Peyton (1858-1860)
  • Joseph Miller (purchased 1860)
  • Mary Ann Harper
  • Warner Wood
  • Farmington Country Club (1927 to date).


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