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Edwin Anderson Alderman, ca. 1906

Edwin Anderson Alderman (May 15, 1861 – April 30, 1931), served as first president of the University of Virginia. His term ran from 1904 to 1931. Since its founding in 1819, The University had been governed by its Board of Visitors. Alderman was succeeded by John Lloyd Newcomb (1931 to 1947)


Early Life

Edwin Anderson Alderman was born to James and Susan Alderman in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was the youngest child, and only boy the couple had. His early education took place in Wilmington private schools, before he moved to Fauquier County, Virginia, to attend Bethel Military Academy. He enrolled at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC) in 1878, where he was a prominent orator.[1]

Following graduation, Alderman became a teacher in Goldsboro, NC. By 1885, he had been appointed to superintendent of Goldsboro schools, despite being only 24 years old. Just four years later, Alderman was appointed to the North Carolina Board of Education, under whose purview he traveled the state, training teachers and gaining information as to what could be done to improve North Carolina's young public school system. His and Charles McIver's, another North Carolina educator, reports from their travels led to several changes in the funding of the school system, including increasing taxes and the establishment of a teacher's training college, which was founded in 1891 as the North Carolina State Normal and Industrial School.[2] Alderman taught briefly at the school (which would go on to become UNC Greensboro), before transitioning to his alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill, in 1893.

Public Growth

When Alderman arrived at UNC Chapel Hill, he served as a professor of history, English, and philosophy. He ran the school's summer training program for teachers, and was responsible for increasing the number of students in the program from 60 to 153. In 1895, Alderman delivered a paper calling for the acceptance of education in the American South and the promotion of public service. It was incredibly well-received, and he was appointed the president of UNC Chapel Hill just one year later.

Under Alderman, the university saw immense student growth and a new emphasis was placed on "modern" teaching methods,

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Notable events

  • In February 1912, Alderman denied rumors he was going to run for Virginia governor. [3]
  • December 15, 1924 – Alderman delivers the principal address for the national memorial for the late Woodrow Wilson. [4]
  • October 1, 1925 – Alderman returns home from a ten week stay in Europe where he was studying the operations of the League of Nations [5]


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