Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education

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The Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education:Charlottesville/Albemarle was formed in 1990 to raise and distribute money to public school teachers in the City of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle for their use in implementing innovative classroom teaching ideas.


"Eleanor B. Shannon and her husband University of Virginia President Emeritus Edgar F. Shannon, Jr. were instrumental in setting up the Foundation, encouraging its mission, and helping achieve its goals. Until Edgar Shannon's death in 1997 and Eleanor Shannon's death in 2000, they both played very active leadership roles on the Foundation Board. To pay tribute to their many contributions to public education, the Board renamed the Foundation in the Shannons' honor in the summer of 1997 just prior to Edgar Shannon's death."
"Since its inception, the Shannon Foundation has enjoyed the support of a broad-based coalition of local citizens including representatives fom the City and County school systems, the business and professional sectors, and the University of Virginia. Supporters share a belief in the importance of dedicated and creative teachers and a commitment to providing those teachers with the funds they so often lack to turn their innovative ideas into instruction."
"In the spring of each year, individual teachers or teams of teachers are invited to design projects based on their own classroom needs and submit these projects to the Shannon Foundation for funding consideration. Grants are awarded blindly based on competitive criteria emphasizing classroom effectiveness and active student involvement. Grants are awarded without knowledge of which teacher, which school, or which school system the proposed program will benefit. School principals sign off on all teacher proposals before they are submitted to the Shannon Foundation for Funding."
"For the 2009-2010 school year, the Shannon Foundation... awarded 20 grants to local public school teachers totaling $12,319. Since 1990, the Shannon Foundation has awarded over $259,000 to 343...teacher projects."[1]

Board of Directors

Contact Information

Stephanie Leech, Secretary/Administrator
Shannon Foundation
1368 Reas Ford Road
Earlysville, VA 22936

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  1. Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education. Program for 2009-2010 Awards Ceremony held August 21, 2009.