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East High Streetscape


Project Overview

This project will provide multimodal improvements on 9th St. from Market St. to High St. and on High St. from 9th St. to

Locust Ave. in Charlottesville, and include lane repurposing, widening sidewalks, landscaping with street trees, and bike

Cost $5.63 million
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville
Next meeting TBD

Status Update

October 2, 2018 Planning Commission work session

VDOT Dashboard http://syip.virginiadot.org/Pages/lineitemDetails.aspx?syp_scenario_id=226&line_item_id=1443811
Contact Alexander Ikefuna, NDS Director

The East High Streetscape is a Smart Scale-funded project that will make multimodal improvements on 9th Street from Market Street to High Street and on High Street from 9th Street to Locust Avenue. The project scored a 2.7 in the HB2 process in the winter of 2016. It was ranked 6 out of 17 projects submitted in VDOT's Culpeper District. [1]

The city hired Kimley-Horn to design the project. [2]

Council endorsed the design at its meeting on October 21, 2019. Staff report

Though the project was partially funded by Smart Scale, the study identified an additional need to replace traffic signals outside of the project scope. The city has also submitted an application for a VDOT revenue-sharing grant in FY2021 for $1 million, requiring $1 million in a local match from the city's Capital Improvement Program. [3] [4]

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City Council agreed to apply for the project in September 2015. [5]

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the project in June 2016. [6] Alexander Ikefuna told the PACC-Tech group on October 20, 2016 that the preliminary work was occurring and that City Council would need to vote approve a request for approvals before it is published. [citation needed]

Council approved the project in January 2017. [7]

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The Charlottesville Planning Commission will hold a work session on the project on October 2. That will be followed by an additional meeting with the commission on November 9 and a presentation to City Council on December 3.

Project description from application

"This project will provide a valuable multimodal improvement and connection for the existing Downtown Pedestrian Mall to the recently redeveloping area where the old Martha Jefferson Hospital once resided for decades. The project alignment will connect with the 7th Street / Market Street intersection along Market Street to 9th Street, continuing north to High Street and terminating at the Locust Avenue Intersection. Proposed improvements include widening sidewalks, landscaping with street trees, intersection improvements for better ADA and pedestrian access, bike lanes, storm water quality features, improved way-finding signage, signal upgrades for better efficiencies, and enhanced access to existing mass transit facilities."



Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′54″N 78°28′23″W / 38.031542°N 78.472988°W / 38.031542; -78.472988


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