Dogbone Roundabout at Rio

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Dogbone Roundabout at Rio

Project Overview
Cost estimate $38,526,250
Timing Future
Potential funding sources Smart Scale; Revenue Sharing
Next meeting None

Status Update

A roundabout referred to as a "dogbone" is one of several transformative projects called for in the Rio Road Small Area Plan. [1]

This project supports the plan's vision of Connectivity and Conservation.

Description from plan

"A dogbone roundabout is proposed for the Rio Road level of the Rio29 GSI. The roundabout will improve traffic flow on Rio29 as well as improve bicycle and pedestrian crossing opportunities. The roundabout will reduce the width of the right-of-way across the existing overpass and leave space for a transit station, bike lanes, and additional pedestrian facilities. An alternative design achieving the same goals could also be considered."


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