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The Albemarle County Department of Community Development is responsible for reviewing and approving plans for building within Albemarle County. The department's responsibilities are spread over five divisions. Staff provides analysis and guidance to the Board of Supervisors on matters related to land use, transportation and community planning.

Jodie Filardo became the department's director on September 9, 2019. [1] She succeeded Mark B. Graham after he retired in July 2019. [2]Amelia McCulley became the first deputy director of the program. [3]

The operations of the program are governed by a work program that is ultimately approved by the Board of Supervisors. [4] This was last before the Supervisors on March 4, 2020.



The department was formed in 2004 through the consolidation of three other departments. The departments of Building and Zoning, Planning and Community Development, and Engineering and Public Works became the Department of Community Development.

The department began with 81 employees and climbed to 84 by 2007. However, 25 positions were eliminated during the Great Recession though there were no layoffs. People were reassigned elsewhere in county government such as transportation planner Juandiego Wade. Staff support for historic preservation and groundwater maintenance were removed.


Staff growth increased incrementally and the transportation planner position was restored in 2014. [5]

In 2010, staff reviewed the site plan and subdivision review process. The project was part of the implementation of the economic development priorities outlined in the “Albemarle County Action Plan” approved by the Board of Supervisors in January 2010. [6]

2020 and beyond

At their meeting on March 4, 2020, the Board of Supervisors agreed with the general direction that CDD use all of their discretionary time on an update of the Albemarle Comprehensive Plan. Work will continue on a previously agreed resolution to address the issue of unregulated dumping of construction waste and fill dirt. That work is expected to come back to the Board in June. [7]

Mission statement

"The mission of Community Development is to create a vision for the future of Albemarle County through a proactive community planning effort that involves all stakeholders in a consensus building process and ensures that all new development reflects the community's vision. Armed with this vision and the Board of Supervisor's Strategic Plan, Community Development strives to achieve a future community of quality development, protected natural resources, vital business activity, and livable, walkable neighborhoods. With proactive, collaborative planning, we can effectively shape the County's future and your quality of life.[8]"


  • Administration/Central Operations
  • Planning
  • Zoning
  • Current Development
  • Inspections



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