December 15

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Significant events that happened (or will happen) on December 15.


  • 1826Edgar Allan Poe drops out of UVA, saddled with gambling and other debts, the 17-year old leaves Charlottesville on December 21 and returned to Richmond.[1] During Poe's time there, the "scholastic anarchy and student escapades disturbed the peace of the College, Charlottesville, and the plantations about." Gambling, drinking, and fighting (which even included faculty!) were rampant. Poe wrote to John Allan once of a student hit on the head by another with a large stone, causing him to draw a pistol ("which are all the fashion here"). Another fight led to one student biting another. "I saw the arm afterwards," Poe wrote, "and it was really a serious matter—It was bitten from the shoulder to the elbow—and it is likely that pieces of flesh as large as my hand will be obliged to be cut out."[2]
  • 1924UVA President Edwin A. Alderman delivers the principal address for the national memorial for the late Woodrow Wilson. [3]




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