David Oberg

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David Oberg

District White Hall
Election November 3, 2015
For term to start Jan. 2016
Term End Dec. 2019
Incumbent Barbara Massie Mouly

Biographical Information

Date of birth May 28, 1969
Age 52
Residence Albemarle County, Virginia
Profession Lawyer

David Oberg was elected to represent the White Hall District on the Albemarle County School Board on November 3, 2015. [1]

He a is partner with the Charlottesville-based firm Jones Oberg & Green, and was formerly executive director of Blue Ridge UniServ, an educational advocacy group that focuses on Central Virginia. [2]

He won re-election in 2019. [3] [citation needed]


On October 8, 2020, Oberg voted for a motion for Albemarle County Schools to begin in-person instruction for K-3 beginning on November 9, 2020 [4]

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Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate David Oberg
Office Albemarle County School Board
Election year 2015 election
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