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Dave Norris
Dave Norris (D-Charlottesville)

Electoral District At-Large
Term Start July 2006
Term End 2013

Term Start Jan. 7, 2008
Term End Dec 31, 2011
Preceded by David Brown
Succeeded by Satyendra Huja

Biographical Information

Date of birth May 19, 1970
Age 52
Place of birth Fort Belvoir, VA
Children Eli Norris
Chloe Norris
Benjamin Norris
Residence Belmont
Alma mater Curry College
B.A. in Politics & History
College of William and Mary
M.A. in Government[1]
Website http://www.votefordave.org
Campaign $ VPAP
Contributions $ VPAP

Dave Norris is a former member of Charlottesville City Council who is currently running for the Democratic nomination for House District 54 in the General Assembly. [2] He has also held a variety of leadership positions in the nonprofit sector as well as a stint as General Manager of the Charlottesville Parking Center. Norris also served as Mayor of Charlottesville from 2008 until the end of 2011. [3]


Norris lives in Charlottesville and has three children: Eli, Chloe,[1] and Ben.[4]

Work history

Norris has also been employed as Executive Director of PACEM, the Associate Director of Madison House, the Interim Director of the Public Housing Association of Residents ((PHAR) and has served as chair of the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.[5]

Norris has served as Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central Blue Ridge and left that position in June 2011. [6][dead link] [7][dead link]

Toward the end of his time on Council, Norris founded The Charlottesville Institute and served in this role from [2012] to [2013]. The organization sought to make connections between the University of Virginia and the greater community. [8][9][10] The organization is now defunct.

Parking Job

Norris was hired as executive director of the Charlottesville Parking Center in March 2016. He said the lawsuit against the city filed by the CPC earlier that month was a "bump in the road" and he hoped it would be resolved before he began work in June. [4] It was not.

City officials questioned Norris' qualifications to do the job, stating that he did not have six months of experience in parking management. [11]

City Council

Norris was first elected to Charlottesville City Council in the 2006 election and again in the 2009 election. Council elected him to a second term as Mayor at their first meeting in 2010 but only after Norris nominated Councilor Holly Edwards. Edwards declined the position but did agree to be vice mayor. [12]

Norris announced in late January 2013 that he would not seek a third term to Council.[13]

Committee assignments

After being elected in 2006, Norris was appointed to serve on the MPO Policy Board, an assignment he held until 2010. [14]

In 2011 and 2012, Norris represented the City on the now defunct Planning and Coordination Council and the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority.[15] However, he left the CRHA committee in January 2013.[16]

Election history

2006 City Council election

The 2006 City Council election was Norris' first as a candidate.

Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Dave Norris (D) - Challenger * WINNER
Office Charlottesville City Council
Election year 2006 election
Logo-small25.jpg Candidate interviews by Charlottesville Tomorrow
Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

Source website

Candidates Votes %
David M. "Dave" Norris (D) 3,947 38.65
Julian H. Taliaferro (D) 3,745 36.67
Robert S. Schilling (R) incumbent 2,460 24.09
Write-In 60 0.59
Source: Virginia State Board of Elections[17]

Voters could cast two votes, one for each of the two seats available, hence the percentages do not total 100%.

2009 City Council election

In the 2009 election cycle Norris received the most votes in the Charlottesville's Democratic Party's "unassembled caucus" held on May 9, 2009. Kristin Szakos beat out incumbent Julian Taliaferro as the party's second nominee. [18]

On September 25, The Sierra Club endorsed Norris along with independent opponent Bob Fenwick[19].[dead link]

Candidate Profile Resources
Candidate Dave Norris (D) - Incumbent * WINNER
Office Charlottesville City Council
Election year 2006 election
Logo-small25.jpg Candidate interviews by Charlottesville Tomorrow
Candidate interview transcript
Candidate interview audio

Source website

Candidates Votes %
Dave Norris (D) incumbent 6,300 38.7
Kristin Szakos (D) 5,083 31.2
Bob Fenwick (I) 3,293 20.2
Paul Long (I) 1,214 7.5
Andrew Williams (I, write-in) 237 1.5
Other Write-In 141 0.9
Source: City of Charlottesville[20]

Overall voter turnout for City of Charlottesville in this election was 37.31%. Each voter could vote for up to two candidates.

2023 General Assembly race

Norris filed a statement of organization with the Virginia Department of Elections in January 2023 to run for the Democratic nomination for the House District 54 after Delegate Sally Hudson announced she would seek Senate District 11. [citation needed]


Norris has a collection of local Vintage Postcards.


From David Norris' blog:

"...a circa-1909, pre-Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark Statue image of the intersection of Ridge and Main Streets, featuring the old Midway High School (where Midway Manor now stands)"



For his extensive record of leadership and service to the Charlottesville community, Norris was named one of the "Distinguished Dozen" by the Charlottesville Daily Progress for 2005. He is also the founder of the Charlottesville Vegetarian Festival.


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