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Dabney Carr (October 26, 1743 – May 16, 1773) was one of Thomas Jefferson's closest friends. Carr was born at Bear Castle, a thousand-acre farm in Louisa County, Virginia, though other details of his childhood are largely unknown. He and Jefferson met during their teen years, when both boys were enrolled at the school of Reverend James Maury in Albemarle County. They also played on the Carr family's land along the South Fork Rivanna River near the site of Monasukapanough. Both Carr and Jefferson continued their studies at the College of William and Mary. On July 20, 1765, Carr married Martha Jefferson, Jefferson's sister.

Carr died on May 16, 1773. Jefferson buried his friend in the Monticello graveyard. He was survived by his wife and six children, who spent much of their childhoods at Monticello. According to family tradition, in Thomas Jefferson’s absence Carr was buried at Shadwell, but upon his return Jefferson had a graveyard prepared at Monticello and reinterred Carr there at a spot the two had previously chosen, which served thereafter as the Jefferson family cemetery and Jefferson's own burial spot.

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