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While cvillepedia is designed to be a community resource, the content on the site should conform to a shared style. Unless otherwise specified below, use Wikipedia's style guide.

Citations in cvillepedia

Like any research project, it is important to use citations in cvillepedia articles. Clear, accurate, and easy-to-follow references are the primary goal, and any reference is better than no reference.

cvillepedia uses the Cite extension for MediaWiki citations. This extension automatically generates numbered footnotes for an article with the use of a few simple tags.


  • <ref>[insert reference here]</ref> - Place after quoted or cited text
  • <references/> or {{reflist}} - Place at bottom of page to display footnotes

There are several citation templates built for cvillepedia.

Multiple uses of the same footnote

To give a footnote a unique identifier, use <ref name="name">. You can then refer to the same footnote again by using a ref tag with the same name. The text inside the second tag doesn't matter, because the text already exists in the first reference. You can either copy the whole footnote, or you can use a terminated empty ref tag that looks like this: <ref name="name" />.

For example:
This is an example of multiple references to the same footnote.<ref name="multiple">Remember that when you refer to the same footnote multiple times, the text from the first reference is used.</ref>

A concise way to make multiple references is to use empty ref tags, which have a slash at the end. Although this may reduce redundant work, please be aware that if a future editor removes the first reference, this will result in the loss of all references using the empty ref tags.<ref name="multiple" />

Charlottesville Tomorrow Style Guide

Calendar Items in Trumba

Use work session instead of worksession

University of Virginia: Use UVa instead of U.Va. or UVA

Meeting Rooms: "County Office Building, Room ###"

Development Terms



Local Color

Use UVa instead of U.Va. or UVA

Moores Creek instead of Moore's Creek

Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad - not Charlottesville Area Rescue Squad

Transportation Projects

  • Jarmans Gap Road [no apostrophe]
  • Meadow Creek Parkway [three words]
  • Proffit Road [one T]

Frequently used shortcuts

CITE CURRENT DAILY PROGRESS <ref>{{cite-progress|title=|url=|author=|pageno=|printdate=|publishdate=|accessdate=}}</ref>

CITE WEB <ref>{{cite web|title=|url=|author=|work=|publisher=|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=December 29, 2020}}</ref>

CITE CTOM <ref>{{cite web|title=|url=|author=Sean Tubbs|work=News Article|publisher=Charlottesville Tomorrow|location=|publishdate=|accessdate=December 14, 2020}}</ref>

COUNTY MINUTES <ref>{{Minutes-boardofsupervisors|url=|when=|documentid=|accessdate=}}</ref>

CITE OLD DAILY PROGRESS {{cite-progress-mg}} for citations since 1995 - May 16, 2012. Publisher is Media General. {{cite-progress-worrell}} for citations January 1, 1971 - 1995. Publisher is Worrell Newspaper group. {{cite-progress-lindsay}} pre-1971. Publisher is Lindsay family




<ref>{{cite-progress-lindsay|title=|url=|author=Staff Reports|pageno=|printdate=October 7, 1941|publishdate=October 7, 1941|accessdate=August 28, 2020 from University of Virginia Library}}</ref>

CITE HOOK <ref>{{cite-hook|title=|url=|author=|pageno=|printno=|printdate=|publishdate=|accessdate=}}</ref>

CITE CVILLE WEEKLY <ref>{{cite-cville|title=|url=|author=|pageno=|printno=|printdate=|publishdate=|accessdate=}}</ref>

CITE CROZET GAZETTE <ref>{{cite-gazette|title=|url=|author=|pageno=|printno=|printdate=|publishdate=|accessdate=}}</ref>

CITE COUNCIL MINUTES <ref>{{Minutes-citycouncil|newid=|when=|accessdate=October 22, 2020|id=|url=}}</ref>