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Crozet Elementary School is an Albemarle County public elementary school serving students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The school is part of the western feeder pattern. Students from Crozet will attend Henley Middle School and graduate from Western Albemarle High School. As of 2012, Crozet had 289 students enrolled and employs 51 staff and faculty members.[1]

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Crozet Elementary was originally founded in 1894 as a one-room building operating five months out of the year and named for Claudius Crozet. In 1907, it reopened as an official two-story, four-classroom building and had expanded to a ten-room building with 313 students by 1924. The current building was built in 1990 across the street from the original site[1] and in 2012 the school received a $190,000 Safe Routes to School grant to construct a new sidewalk.[2]


The current principal of Crozet Elementary is Gwedette Crummie.

The following is a list of people who have served as principal[1]

Term Principal
2010 - present Gwedette Crummie
2005 - 2010 Karen Marcus
2000 - 2005 Michele Del Gallo Castner
1990 - 2000 Steve Braintwain
1966 - 1990 Charles Witt
1956 - 1966 John Massie
1955 - 1956 R. Strafford
1953 - 1955 Warren Pace
1952 - 1953 Thomas Hurlburt
1940 - 1952 Arthur Austin
1931 - 1940 Clarence Miller
1927 - 1929 A. Robertson
1924 - 1925 G. Tynes
1919 William Wiley


Crozet Elementary is located at 1407 Crozet Avenue


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