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Crescent Halls, ca. 2013

Crescent Halls is a 105-unit apartment building owned and operated by the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority. The structure, located at the intersection of Monticello Avenue and Second Street SE, was built in 1976[1] 98 units are one bedroom with the rest having two bedrooms.

The average monthly rent in 2011 for a one-bedroom unit is $248. A two bedroom unit is $314. [2]


Many residents have complained about dilapidated conditions at the facility. [3]

Crescent Halls is due to be refurbished as one of the first projects in the CRHA's redevelopment process[4].

As part of the renovation, the CRHA has committed to pay for the relocation of residents during that time. That will mean the CRHA could be responsible for paying up to $633,864 in additional rent during that time in order to pay for market-rate units. It is not known if the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will cover the cost. [2]

A master plan created by Wallace Roberts & Todd estimated the renovation would cost as much as $5.75 million. [2] Two units will be lost due to the renovation.


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