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Complete Streets returns to a policy adopted by City Council in late 2010 and reaffirmed in early 2014 that every street redeveloped within city limits will be done so with attention to sidewalks, bike lanes, street trees and other amenities. [1]

2014 reaffirmation

While the original policy adopted by Council in November 2010, some critics including Councilor Kathy Galvin expressed concern that the policy lacked enforcement mechanisms. Galvin submitted a memo to Neighborhood Development Staff in October 2013 outlining a comprehensive approach to city planning to ensure that the policy was implemented. This approach, known as the 'context sensitive design approach,' was adopted by City Council on February 3, 2014.

The initiative was then renamed Streets That Work. The Toole Design Group was hired to oversee the plan, and a four-day workshop was held in May 2014.


  • Audio of February 3, 2014 City Council Discussion.

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