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The Community of Hollymead is a Designated Growth Area in Albemarle County with a population of around 6,957 people. Hollymead encompasses 4,396 acres[1].

It contains a mixture of land uses including residential, commercial, office and industrial. The Community contains the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport and the University of Virginia Research Park.

The Community of Hollymead is included in the Places29 Master Plan.

Description in Places29 Master Plan

"The boundaries of Hollymead, which is the largest of the Northern Development Areas, consists of and is located north of the South Fork of the Rivanna on both sides of US 29. Its eastern boundary is formed by a combination of Pritchett Lane, Proffit Road, Powell Creek, and the railroad tracks. Polo Grounds Road and a creek near Templeton Acres form its southern boundary, while the North Fork of the Rivanna is its northern limit. Its western edge, shared with the Rural Areas, is formed by Earlysville Road, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport, and Dickerson Road.

"The pattern of land uses east of US 29 is dominated by two suburban residential neighborhoods, Forest Lakes North and South. These are separated from US 29 by substantial forested buffers. Both neighborhoods center around the Hollymead Elementary School and Sutherland Middle School and their public playfields and open space. Larger forested areas and agricultural fields east and west of US 29 are still undeveloped, including vacant land between Polo Grounds Road and Forest Lakes South, in the North Pointe area, in the University of Virginia Research Park, and in areas located west and south of Hollymead Town Center.

"Hollymead Elementary School and Sutherland Middle School are an important community focal point for Forest Lakes. Additional private recreation centers are owned by the Forest Lakes North and South neighborhood associations.

"The Hollymead area includes a number of light industrial and industrial uses. These are concentrated in the Airport Center, the Airport Industrial Park, and the Northside Industrial Park. The University of Virginia Research Park, with 562 acres, is the largest individual employment center in the Places29 area and is still largely undeveloped This area includes research and development, light industrial, and industrial uses."

Summary from 2019 Growth Management Report

"The Community of Hollymead is one of Albemarle County's largest Development Areas and has significant residential capacity in approved developments, including Hollymead Town Center, Brookhill, and North Pointe. These three developments alone currently have over 3,500 dwelling units in approved capacity that could be constructed after requisite site development plan approvals.

Large portions of the Development Area include parcels zoned Rural Areas that could potentially support denser residential development under the Urban Density Residential land use designations." [2]


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