Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail

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Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail

Project Underway

Project Overview

Establish multi-modal trail as parallel alternative to Route 29
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville

Status Update

In final design stages

The Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail is a partially built trail that connects the Downtown Transit Center to Meade Park. There is intended to connect to a new sidewalk running along Chesapeake Street as far as Riverview Park. [citation needed]

The trail was built in several phases. The section between Beer Run and 10th Street will be built in conjunction with the City Walk development and paid for by City Walk owner Coran Capshaw of Red Light Management. A stretch from 10th Street to the Belmont Bridge could be built in 2013, according to the city's June 2013 Construction Report.[1]

The third leg, running along the east side of Meade Avenue between Beer Run and Meade Park, was scheduled to be built by December 2013 but the status is unclear. [2]. Funding for this section had been intended to come from a $300,000 Transportation Enhancement (TEA) grant from Virginia Department of Transportation.


The Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail was listed as an item on the MPO's 2009 Transportation Improvement Program.

[3] At that time, completion of the trail was planned for the summer of 2009. [dead link]


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