Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail

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Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail


Project Overview

Establish multi-modal trail as parallel alternative to Route 29
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville

Status Update

In final design stages

The Coal Tower / Meade Avenue Trail is a trail that connects the Downtown Transit Center to Meade Park.

The trail was built in several phases.

  • The section between Beer Run and 10th Street was built in conjunction with the City Walk development and paid for by City Walk owner Coran Capshaw of Red Light Management.
  • A stretch from 10th Street to the Belmont Bridge was built next
  • The third leg, running along the east side of Meade Avenue between Beer Run and Meade Park, was scheduled to be built by December 2013 but the status is unclear. [1]. Funding for this section had been intended to come from a $300,000 Transportation Enhancement (TEA) grant from Virginia Department of Transportation.


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