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Piedmont Place is a 20,000 square foot three-story commercial building in downtown Crozet under construction in 2016. It was formerly known as Claudius Place. [1]

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The project located on Library Avenue was originally developed by the Piedmont Development Group, but they were unable to complete the project. Drew Holzwarth purchased the property in May 2015. [2] The building is the first commercial investment in downtown Crozet since the construction of the new Crozet Library. The project was scaled back from its original size and a proposed fourth floor is not part of the final product. [3]

It was announced on June 1, 2016 that Smoked BBQ will open a restaurant at Piedmont Place. [4]

The rooftop restaurant closed in February 2020 and will become another event space. Smoked BBQ will continue to operate at Smoked Kitchen. [5]


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